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As well as spending some time in the garden over the Easter, Anna and I also paid a visit to the garden centre to buy some new pots for some of the houseplants.

New Stand

I managed to resist buying any new plants whilst there which was quite good of me. Although, to be honest, the ones we’ve got are taking over somewhat! We’d bought a new stand to house some of them in the living room which has helped free up some space so there is room for one or two more though!

Houseplants on Stand
Houseplants on Stand

The new stand looks good, it shows off the plants well and is a good use of space. One of the pots on it was plastic though and was fairly prominent now that it was on a stand, hence the visit to the garden centre. We stopped off at the craft centre for brunch as well.

It would be nice to have lots more houseplants but we just don’t have the space. We also don’t have any south facing windows either so finding suitable spots for them isn’t alwasy easy. The seem to be doing OK though. One of the Clivia Lillies that I bought from someone in Borth is flowering well at the moment adding a splash of colour.

Clivia Lily
Clivia Lily

The Orchid is flowering too. Anna’s Mum sent me a Streptocarpus plug plant for Easter as well so no doubt that will flower throughout the summer and the Amarylis has a huge flower spike that will burst into colour soon. There’s actually a second flower spike emerging from the base as well.

Amarylis Flower Spikea
Amarylis Flower Spikea

You can also see the Thanksgiving Cactus flowering in the background – I’m not sure why, as it flowered at Thanksgiving but seems to be putting on a second show for Easter. It’s having an identity crisis between being a Thanksgiving Cactus and an Easter Cactus.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Love the stand really shows off the plants . All looking really nice.

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