A Glorious Evening Fishing in Ynyslas

The last gasp of summer turned out to be a lovely one so after school Morgan and I went fishing again. There was barely a breath of wind, the sun was shining, the tide has just turned and the waters were clear.

The waters were so clear and calm in fact that we could see plenty of small fish swimming in the shallows and even quite a few larger fish, some of which were at least 1-2 foot long just wallowing in the shallows. There were plenty of fish jumping further out in the channel and quite a few fishermen dotted about along the shore too. It looked perfect so we started casting our lure out and reeling it back in, taking turns with the rod once a gain.

We still only have one lure and it isn’t even attached to the line using a swivel so I’m not sure how effective it is, but we can’t really blame our tools as we don’t know what we are doing ourselves yet. We stayed there for an hour or so always hopeful of catching something with so many fish about but once again had to leave empty handed. If it’s any consolation then we didn’t see anyone else catch anything either, even the people with huge boxes of tackle, and better still we had a lovely time on the banks of the estuary just admiring the view, watching the elusive fish jump and enjoying the evening sunshine.

Just take a look at the photos – are you jealous yet?

Morgan is getting quite good at casting now as well. He has a better technique than me as he manages to cast it almost as far as I do but with barely any effort.

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