Fishing Bait at Ynyslas

  • Digging for Bait at Ynyslas
    Digging for Bait at Ynyslas
  • Worm Burrow
    Worm Burrow
  • Worms

Our fishing attempts have still proved fishless – I think it must be time for a change of tactics. So far all we have managed to do is catch one tiny little half-dead crab, some weed and we have managed to lose a lure. Not much success.

We did try digging for bait on Thursday though and Morgan was quite into that. We soon got the knack of it and were finding lugworms and ragworms with almost every hole we dug. We didn’t take many as we aren’t 100% sure how to use them yet as so far we’ve only tried lure fishing, but now that we know where we can get them it may be time to try some bait fishing instead.

Morgan quite liked looking at the remnants of the worm burrows too. I did resist telling him about ‘my fossil’ even though it was a perfect opportunity to do so! Oh, I was about to link to a post about ‘my fossil’ but I don’t seem to have ever mentioned it in this blog before either. I’d better put that right soon.


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  1. mum says:

    Surely every one knows about your fossil!
    As for your fishing looks like we will have to visit soon for dad to join you on the beach

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