Bass Fishing in Borth

Well, my first attempt at bass fishing in Borth turned out well.. Despite having a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold I started Saturday with an indoor turbo trainer ride and a run around the golf course and along the Leri. Then after a few chores I baked some egg custard tarts courtesy of a recipe and then got ready to try out my new fishing kit. I was going to meet Shem for a SUP fishing session, but he was going to be going later so I headed off on my own so that I could get back in time to help cook dinner.

It was a little chilly out there with a cold Easterly wind blowing, so Anna and Morgan stayed inside with the fire going – the first fire of the ‘winter’. It didn’t look too windy down in the corner at Borth so I headed out on my Stand-up Paddleboard with a plastic box attached to the front of the board (to contain any fish that I might catch), and my rod and reel attached to my camelbak. It was windier than I thought though and I was soon out beyond the rocks and heading around to Aberwennol with both the wind and a strong rip along the rocks to help me. I had a quick go at mackerel fishing but it was too windy really and I kept getting blown out to sea, so I decided to head back in to try my luck from the rocks.

It took quite a while to get back to shore against the wind and currents, but once there I packed my SUP away and started wandering and clambering across the slippery rocks, back towards Aberwennol again. I’d changed my mackerel feathers to a nice little rubbery bass lure and was on the hunt for Bass. I had a couple of goes into a gulley on my way around the point. There was a bit of a swell and I got wetter perched on the edge of the rocks with the waves splashing over me than I had on the Stand-up Paddleboard. It was quite good fun though. No luck here though and my hook kept getting snagged so I headed a bit further around and out to a rocky point. The tide was coming in so I had to keep my eye on it as I had jumped over a few wide gulleys on the way to this point and would soon get cut off.

It didn’t take long though, second or third cast and I was into a nice Bass. It didn’t take much to land and that was that – I was finally a proper fisherman, and it was time to head home with dinner. Actually, we weren’t having it for dinner as we had a spicery meal half cooked, but it would do for Sunday dinner instead.

Judging by the stomach contents it had been feeding well, just a shame that its last meal was my fishing lure.

Stomach Contents

Stomach Contents

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  1. mum says:

    Only you could proudly display its stomach contents …then eat the fish x

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