SUP Fishing in Borth

Monday was looking to be a lovely day here this week. What better way to spend it than SUP fishing? It was cold at first with temperatures dropping to 4ºC but with clear blue skies and light winds. Perfect conditions for SUP fishing. I had a fair bit to do at home though so got some of that done first before heading out at around midday. By now the skies had clouded over a little but the water was calm and it was looking good. Shem was already out fishing off the reefs, but I headed out to the rocks between Borth and Aberwennol.

Once out there I got my little fishing rod out, having carried it out attached to a little backpack.

Within seconds I was straight into a load of mackerel.



I could have caught hundreds of them.

Trouble is we’re not really that keen on mackerel and it just seemed too easy so I soon swapped to a lure and went after something bigger. That proved fruitless but it wasn’t a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

After a while though I headed back in as big dark clouds gathered over Borth.

Back to Borth

Back to Borth

I go back just in time as it was soon pouring with rain. It was just a passing shower but a pretty big one. It didn’t stop me from getting some of the garden chores done once I returned though.

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