Ynyslas Lake

  • Calmer Seas
    Calmer Seas
  • Car Park Lake
    Car Park Lake
  • Clean Up
    Clean Up
  • Midday Moon
    Midday Moon
  • Reflections in Ynyslas Lake
    Reflections in Ynyslas Lake
  • Ynyslas Lake
    Ynyslas Lake

What a difference a week makes. This time last week we had just returned to our house having spent the night at a friends after being evacuated due to severe storms. Today has been as still as you like with plenty of winter sunshine, so we made the most of it by having a little family stroll around the newly formed Ynyslas Lake.

The ‘lake’ is actually quite a bit deeper than I had expected and looked quite inviting for a spot of swim training to me. I reckon it is just deep enough and I’m sure there’s a 50m long stretch that would be swimmable. I wish it would stay there for the summer, having a 50m open air pool on my doorstep would be quite a luxury. No swimming today though, instead Morgan and I amused ourselves skimming stones whilst Anna watched on – giving girly advice on how to skim!

The seas were much calmer today and there were plenty of fisherman out making the most of the weather. Apparently the fishing is pretty good at the moment following the storms. There was even a lovely moon in the midday sky. The clean up has begun on the golf course too, where the rubbish and debris from the storms has been raked into little piles ready for collection.

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  1. mum says:

    Looks gorgeous, very inviting,shame it won’t be there for the summer for you though

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