Tandem Surfing

Seeing as my Mum was worried that I didn’t do anything strenuous on Saturday morning – other than moth trapping, beekeeping and geocaching – I thought I’d better make up for it.


I did get out windsurfing in the estuary on Saturday afternoon. The wind was a little flukey but was gusting up to 28 knots. It was nowhere near that most of the time though and with flat water to play in I rigged my biggest kit, a 6.7m sail and 104 ltr board. It was nothing too exciting out there though. The small tides meant that there wasn’t a lot of water about either so it turned intoi a bit of a gybe-fest.

Tandem Surfing

Sunday morning started off with a little bike ride. The first time I’ve been out on my road bike for a while and the roads weren’t quite as dry as I hoped they would be. I was back at home by 8:30am though and set to strimming and tidying the garden before heading into Borth for a little fishing trip off the rocks. Needless to say I came home empty handed from that. Not surprising really as I didn’t spend long there as there was more surf than I had expected. So, after a quick fish I headed back home and over to the beach with my SUP.

The waves here were bigger than I was expecting but made for some good SUP surfing. The paddle out was a bit of a nightmare at times though. Morgan joined me later and went surfing too and we finished the session off with some tandem surfing which is always good fun.

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