Fishing at Ynyslas

Whilst my Dad was here at the weekend we managed to get out fishing at Ynyslas for a while.

Squirrel Attack

After a very wet Saturday where we stayed indoors most of the day, I started Sunday with my usual run and swim. This was a little more eventful than usual as I was ‘attacked’ by a squirrel as I ran towards Glaspwll. I was heading up the hill with trees to my right when all of a sudden¬†something fairly chunky hit me in the face, then smacked into my hand and landed on the floor. I looked a round to see a slightly dazed squirrel that then scampered back off into the woods. It had hit me fairly hard and there was soon blood coming from my hand.¬†Once back at the leisure centre I could see that there were a few scratches on my face too. I have no idea what the squirrel was up to though.

Other than that it was quite a nice easy run, followed by a fairly big swim too. I decided to forego the usual coffee and bacon sandwich though as we had visitors so I headed home for a second breakfast there.

Fishing at Ynyslas

Later in the day Morgan and I headed off to the estuary with my Dad, all wrapped up against the elements as it was still quite windy.

Our first task was to dig some bait. We did manage to find a few lugworms but nowhere near as many as we were expecting and they were all quite small too. We supplemented our bait with some cockles and limpets too and then as luck would have it as I was walking across to the other side of the estuary to start fishing I came across a little octopus on the sand. I picked it up and put it in our bucket as those tentacles would make excellent bait.

We then rigged up and cast out. Morgan’s casting is really good and I was just getting used to a multiplier reel that my Dad has given me. Morgan isn’t really into fishing with bait though as he likes to be doing something all the time so soon reverted back to a trusty spinner.

Anna and my Mum then met us on the beach having walked down from the house. We stayed there for a while with no sign of any fish whatsoever but had to head back in order to get Morgan to a ‘break-dancing’ party.

Once again the fishing at Ynyslas was unsuccessful, but we’ve learnt a few new techniques and will be keen to give them a proper go soon.

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  1. mum says:

    Despite the weather we had a lovely week end, with good food and and good company thanks x

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