Schools Concert

It must be about a year since we were sat in the Great Hall at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre listening to a performance by the various childrens orchestra’s from the area. Once again we were back listening to them on Tuesday evening. I’d had to come into work earlier in the day for a workshop by an exciting marketing and communications company from America called Dartlet. They’ve been employed by the University to work their magic on it’s marketing strategy. Staff such as ourselves have been attending their workshop so that they can ascertain the human personality of the University using their own unique methods based on a mixture between marketing and psychology. The workshops have been quite interesting.

Afternoon in Aberystwyth

So, rather than head back home for dinner and then come into Aberystwyth again for the concert I went for a swim and aquajog in the afternoon, popped into work for a bit of a catch up with Phil and then met Anna and Morgan for dinner. Dinner today was a lovely burger at The Backyard BBQ in town, followed by coffee and cake at our favourite coffee shop, Coffee #1

Schools Concert

We then headed to the Great Hall for the concert. First up was the juniors with a whole load of very young looking brass and woodwind instrument players. They did really well though. Next was the strings. Usually the strings are a little painful to listen to and they never seem to be enjoying themselves, but that wasn’t the case this time. The sounded better and seemed to be having fun too. Morgan was playing in the youth band. They did a slightly longer set with more pieces and had a few issues with missing bits of music here and there, but it was all taken in good fun and the show went on! and all went well. They sounded really good and they all seemed to be having a good time too.

Apparently they are playing in a competition next week in South Wales, so ‘Good Luck’ to them.

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