Aberystwyth Junior School Proms

Morgan was performing in the Aberystwyth Junior School Proms on Monday evening. He was playing his cornet in the orchestra and singing in the choir. We therefore had an enjoyable evening watching and listening to the junior school children from the Aberystwyth area. Anna and I were at work all day and Morgan at school, but my parents had stayed to see Morgan so we all met up for dinner in Ta Med at 5pm. I’d actually been on a video production course which had included free coffees and lunch at Ta Med during the day so felt as though I’d been there all day long.

We then headed to the Arts Centre for coffee and cake to waste some time before heading into the Great Hall for the performances.

As well as the orchestra and the huge school choir, there were also some performances by Ceredigion winners of the Urdd Eisteddffod, so we had some solo singers, some dance performances and a harp ensemble to entertain us as well. Most of the children seemed to be enjoying being part of the proms and Morgan seemed to enjoy himself too. Some of them were really good as well.

Here are just a few short clips to give you a taste of it.

The Junior School Proms Orchestra

Audience participation at the Proms

Junior Schools Choir

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum. says:

    We had a lovely time really enjoyed it, especially likes the fun side of it, I’m sure it made it much better for the children to enjoy themselves, half the battle to learning. Trudi just watched and listened to the video clips and enjoyed them too.
    Say thank you to Morgan, and see we didn’t embarrass him did we.

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