Burning off the Christmas Excess

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I ate far too much over Christmas and did very little exercise so it’s now time to get back to it. The ‘rest’ doesn’t seem to have done too much damage as I felt OK on our Mountain Bike Ride at the weekend although I have put on some weight so it would be nice to get rid of that again. I have started getting back into it though and just finished a hard turbo trainer session and run.

On the Turbo Trainer I did a 3:2 minute interval session and I did them at the highest power output I’ve done so far. Here’s the session:

  • 10 minute warm up, increasing power output from 120 Watts to 200 Watts
  • 4x 3:2 mins @ 350 Watts : 120 Watts
  • 3x 3:2 mins @ 360 Watts : 120 Watts
  • 5mins @ 250 Watts
  • 6 minute cool down.

It was getting pretty tough on the last couple of intervals but I stuck with it and managed to complete them all. Here’s my heart rate, cadence and speed traces from the session to prove that I was working hard.

Turbo Trainer Session

Turbo Trainer Session

It was then straight off the Turbo Trainer and into my running kit for a slow, steady run along the beach. The run may have been completely flat, very slow and only 4.5 miles long but I was suffering come the end and my legs were certainly aware of the previous hard session on the bike.

At least it gives me an excuse to try out my compression socks that I got for Christmas, they are supposed to aid recovery and many people swaer by them so I thought I’d give them a go. However, I think I’m going to need more than hi-tech socks to get my legs back to normal after that!

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