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Goddard 1

Slow Recovery or just Plain Lazy

I’m either having a slow recovery from my cold, or I’m just being plain lazy. Getting back into it After trying to get back into some training last week after having had a cold, I did OK for a few days but then over the weekend fell off the rails a bit again. Thursday’s swim...

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Dunderberg 1 Hour Time Trial 3

No Time Off and a Long Walk for Dinner

One of the main reasons I didn’t want to go flat out in the Dyfi Dash Sprint Triathlon race on Sunday was the fact that doing so usually takes quite a bit out of me. It sounds silly for a race that only lasts just over an hour but if I give it everything I...

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Turbo Trainer Session 0

Burning off the Christmas Excess

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I ate far too much over Christmas and did very little exercise so it’s now time to get back to it. The ‘rest’ doesn’t seem to have done too much damage as I felt OK on our Mountain Bike Ride at the weekend although I have put...

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Turbo Trainer Workouts – Recovery 1

Turbo Trainer Workouts – Recovery

Everyone who does any physical training should know the importance of rest. Many of us however get too tied up in the actual training and forget about the rest component. The who idea behind super-compensation training is that you stress your body during hard training bouts, damage muscle tissue and such like and then during...

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