Turbo Trainer Interval Sessions

I’ve Just finished a fairly enjoyable interval session on my turbo trainer – Well, as enjoyable as such torture can be.

I’m still doing the same interval sessions as I’ve been doing fairly regularly, this time it was the 3:2 minute interval workout. As I’ve said before these are supposed to be really hard and the idea is that you do them at an intensity that means that you can’t do 7 repetitions. You should work at an intensity that means you can just do 5-6 of them and when you do manage to complete 7 reps you immediately increase the wattage.

Now this is fine except that I have it in my mind that I want to do 7 reps, so anything less than that feels to a certain extent like a failure. I know that isn’t the point as it is the intensity that counts, but for my psychological well-being it helps if I can complete a session. I’ve therefore been doing them at an intensity that means I can complete 7 reps, but I’m continually increasing the wattage.

A few weeks ago I was doing 7 reps at 340 Watts. My Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer only allows me to increase the wattage in 10 watt increments (it does measure to a resolution of 1 watt however). Jumping from 340 Watts to 350 Watts for 7 reps would be difficult, so last time I did the session I did 5 reps at 340 Watts and 2 at 350 Watts.

Today I increased that further with 3 reps at 340 Watts and 4 at 350 Watts. I may try all 7 at 350 next time.

I know I’m not doing them at a high enough intensity as I was not only able to complete all 7 reps but I was also able to do some 1 minute intervals afterwards. I’m sure increasing the wattage will provide better results but I also like to feel good about my sessions and completing them is the first step. At least that way I’m more likely to come back for more.

Here’s the pretty graph from todays workout.

Turbo Trainer Interval Workout

Todays Turbo Trainer Workout

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