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Brimstone 3

Moths Galore

Despite having to compete with an almost full moon, we were greeted with loads of moths in the trap this morning. Temperatures only dropped to 16.2ºC and winds were light. As well as loads of Caddis Flies and quite a few nice looking micro moths (that I didn’t record), I managed to record 143 moths...

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Fresh Strawberries from the Garden 2

The Moths of Summer

Day 6 of Summer is here and after collecting strawberries from the garden it was time to inspect the moth trap that I’d put out last night. It’s been a while since we did any moth-trapping but there was quite a haul. Conditions were perfect for the moths, temperatures only dropped to 14°C and winds...

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Clouded Drab 0

April Moths in Ceredigion

It still isn’t warm here but temperatures have at least made it into double figures for the past few days. It got to 12°C here yesterday and pretty much stayed that way all night as well with a minimum temperature of 10.1°C. Combined with misty, murky conditions, the relatively warm temperatures seemed ideal for moths so...

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Early Moths

Not much in the moth trap today, just a solitary Early Grey. But that’s the first moth of 2013 in the trap – Admittedly it hasn’t been out much but previous attempts so far this year had so far proved fruitless.

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Puriri Moth 0

Rotorua and Hot Pools Again – New Zealand Day 18

Seeing as we enjoyed the hot pools and the campsite at Waikite Valley so much and we were a day or two ahead of our itinerary anyway thanks to the mad drive from Paihia to Whitianga last week, we decided to spend another night at the Waikite Campsite. Not only would that mean we didn’t...

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Thermal Pool 0

Taupo, Geothermal Rocks and Hot Pools – New Zealand Day 17

After spending the night in the car park of my parents holiday apartment in Taupo we had a leisurely breakfast with them and then set off to be tourists in the town. We wandered along the lake-front and then around the various souvenir shops where we bought ourselves some nice hand-crafted coasters made from native...

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Tuatara 0

Kiwis, Caves and Snow-Capped Volcanoes – New Zealand Day 14

It’s Monday and we are still having the holiday of a lifetime in New Zealand. We awake to a damp drizzly day in Otorohanga, have a shower and breakfast in Camp Kiwi and then take the 30 second walk to the Kiwi House. The Kiwi House We are the first ones in and are treated...

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Surfing The Bar, Whangamata 1

Surfing ‘Da Bar’, Crazy Golf and Kawhia – New Zealand Day 12

It was the day of the K2 race around Coramandel today. I’d found out a little bit about it now. It was a 200km hard core hilly bike race around the Coramandel Peninsula. The start location and route change from year to year and with the hot sun and the hilly route this years looked...

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