April Moths in Ceredigion

It still isn’t warm here but temperatures have at least made it into double figures for the past few days. It got to 12°C here yesterday and pretty much stayed that way all night as well with a minimum temperature of 10.1°C. Combined with misty, murky conditions, the relatively warm temperatures seemed ideal for moths so I put the moth trap out again.

We had the moth trap out a few times this year but have so far only had one moth, an Early Grey a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully last night was a little different and there were finally some moths in the trap this morning. Not loads but at least there were a few and I could once again set about identifying and recording them. It’s been quite a while since I’ve recorded any moths though so my powers of memory and identification were tested. I did check online with a few other lepidopterists as far as a few of my identifications were concerned and did get them all correct so maybe it’s just my confidence that is lacking rather than my actual powers of identification.

Here’s the full list

  • 1x Early Grey
  • 4x Shoulder stripe
  • 1x Red Sword-grass
  • 6x Hebrew Character
  • 1x Early Thorn
  • 2x Small Quaker
  • 1x Clouded Drab
  • 1x Early Tooth-striped*

and seeing as we haven’t had any moths for a while here’s a gallery of all of them from last night. The Early Tooth-striped is actually a new garden record for us.

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