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Mad Speed Sailing Session 0

Mad Speed Sailing Session

Ivor kicked in over the weekend as predicted and blew with a vengeance all day long. Despite the fact that I was supposed to be having a rest day on Saturday in preparation for the Dyfi Enduro on Sunday I just had to go for a windsurf. The estuary would have been good as the...

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Life Begins at 40 Knots – Update

Well, I think that windsurf session this morning may have been my last chance to hit 40 knots before I’m 40 in a few weeks time. There may be another chance but it hasn’t quite come together yet. I had a nice early start as Ivor, our local katabatic wind was in full force, so...

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55 Knots has fallen 1

55 Knots has fallen

The kitesurfers have now smashed the 55 knot barrieer over 500m – The speeds have yet to be officially ratified by the WSSRC, but Sebastien Cattelan has done it again at the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge. After writing history just over two years ago by being the first kiter to break the magical 50 knots...

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More Tales from the Estuary 0

More Tales from the Estuary

I managed to drag my aching body out for yet another speed session at the crack of dawn yesterday. I had hoped the wind would go mad in the same way as it had for the past few days so rigged my small kit and got on the water before it was light. There was...

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Speed Session Round Two 0

Speed Session Round Two

After my early morning speed windsurfing session, the wind eased off and when Steve first turned up there was barely any wind at all. So, we had a cuppa then headed down to the beach just as the wind went ballistic. Impi and AndyW were there too. Andy had already been out as had Dave...

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Getting Closer to 40 knots 0

Getting Closer to 40 knots

Day 2 of what should be a good weekend for speed sailing and after yesterday’satempt was somewhat foiled by wind and tides not coinciding my plan was to get in an early session as the tide came in and the sun rose. I was on the beach at 6.30am in the pitch dark. The wind...

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Speed Session 0

The Quest Continues

As mentioned before, things are looking goos as far as windsurfing goes this weekend and I’ve been hoping to have an attempt at my “Life Begins at 40 knots Quest“. The first of the winds arrived today but it wasn’t quite as good as hoped. I headed down to the estuary just after high tide,...

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