More Tales from the Estuary

I managed to drag my aching body out for yet another speed session at the crack of dawn yesterday. I had hoped the wind would go mad in the same way as it had for the past few days so rigged my small kit and got on the water before it was light.

There was just about enough wind but it never quite got its act together so I only managed 32 knots and needed more power. If I had rigged the 6.3m sail then it may have been perfect as the water was flatter and more manageable and the 25 knots of wind would have been more than enough. It was of course still good fun, but nowhere near as windy as it has been.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself in the estuary though, here’s a report (posted on Forces-of-Nature) from a very happy kitesurfer after a day playing on the estuary at Ynyslas.

Turned up at the estuary 1/2 hour before high tide to find no beach and a lot of cars and kit cluttering up the entrance. Parked on the road and had brekky, then by 11ish the tide had receded enough to squeeze onto the beach and rig up.

Out on the 9m and plenty powered, a few lulls and gusts but nothing major, and as the morning went on the wind evened out and was about a smooth as it gets in the estuary.

Chased Col up river and went as far as I ever have – almost lost sight of the carpark. Sun had come out by now, 20 knots and glorious surroundings – what a privileged place to be!

Worked my way back down to the van where there were maybe 10 kites and 1/2 dozen windsurfers enjoying the sun.

Played for maybe another hour in fantastic conditions. and only worn out legs forced a halt a little before 2 o’clock.

Cannot remember a better day in the estuary and well worth 5 stars!

It’s now Monday morning and I was hoping for a rest, but Ivor is once again blowing his socks off so it looks as though I shall have to have just one more day aiming for 40 knots. The lawn mowing will have to wait.

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