Mad Speed Sailing Session

Ivor kicked in over the weekend as predicted and blew with a vengeance all day long. Despite the fact that I was supposed to be having a rest day on Saturday in preparation for the Dyfi Enduro on Sunday I just had to go for a windsurf.

The estuary would have been good as the speed channel would have been working from about 9am onwards, but I decided to go out on the seafront in the hope of getting some huge 2 mile plus long speed runs into Borth and back. Once on the water though this wasn’t going to be the case. It was blowing a hoolie with winds around 40 knots so I was maxed out on my little speed kit. Trouble was I didn’t really have the nerve to sail in the really shallow water where it was flat as I was paranoid about running aground – My foot still hurts a little from my forward loop crash in February and I didn’t feel like running aground at 30+ knots. So, I was sailing a bit further out where it was pretty choppy for my speed kit. In fact I only managed a pathetic 29.95 knots and think I would have been faster – and certainly more comfortable – on my wave kit. Still, it looks pretty fast in the video.

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