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Ynyslas Today 1

That didn’t quite go to plan

The conditions this morning looked awesome for windsurfing. A rare strong SE wind and some decent waves to give us 30 knots of cross-offshore winds and super clean, head high waves to play on. Perfect for down-the-line wave sailing and not conditions we normally get here as it’s usually cross-onshore so the waves are never...

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New Running Routes 2

New Running Routes

I think I need some new running routes. The ones I do are OK and doing the same route now and then to gauge your progress (or lack of as the case might be) is always a good thing, but doing the same route all the time is not only a little boring, but hard...

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Aberystwyth Fun Fair 2010 1

Aberystwyth Fun Fair 2010

I’ve just noticed lots of hits on my post about the Aberystwyth Fun Fair last year, which reminded me that it must be time for it again. I’m not 100% sure the dates of the 2010 fair, but it is normally on the 1st Monday after the 12th of November and the subsequent 2 Mondays...

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More Miles Under My Belt 0

More Miles Under My Belt

My attempt to do some longer rides continued yesterday with another long early morning ride on my Mountain Bike. Last week I managed 44 miles in just over 4 and a half hours, this week it was 53 miles in just over 5 hours. Admittedly quite a bit of it was on the road, but...

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Windsurfing Ynyslas 1

People to Windsurf With

Autumn has been living up to expectations with some decent winds. I have of course been making the most of it and have been out windsurfing quite a bit. Even better is the fact that there are a couple of students at the university who windsurf as well this year so I might actually have someone to...

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Tripling my Phone Credit 2

Tripling my Phone Credit

I really should have done this before, but I rarely use my mobile phone and therefore rarely top it up. In fact, most people probably laugh at my old-fashioned phone, but it makes phonecalls when I need it to and I can’t afford an Apple iPhone so I’m sticking with it for now. Anyway, it’s...

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Crazy Winds 4

Crazy Winds

Well, we knew it was coming but when it blows properly it blows! The wind here started at around 3am, then eased off a little this morning before picking up properly to 40-50 knots at around 10am. The exact time we had planned to go out windsurfing. Normally that would be a good thing, but...

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Building a Bilingual WordPress CMS 10

Building a Bilingual WordPress CMS

Some of you may not know that I’m a Website Designer and I’ve recently been working on a project for the Welsh charity WAMES (The Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support). The website they want had quite a few specific requirements, but as usual budgets were tight so I had to build a site...

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