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Flooded Garden 0

Mist and Murk

The record breaking low temperatures and snowfall of December have gone and in its place we have rain, rain and yet more rain. The whole of West Wales seems to have been plunged into a great big bowl of mist and murk and it’s not at all pleasant out there. Bring back the freezing temperatures...

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Palm Tree 1

Winter Takes its Toll

I’ve always had a vision of planting lots of Cordylines (also known as Manx or Cabbage Palms) along the road here as I think it would enhance the seaside feel with a slightly tropical touch.  We’ve planted a few ourselves, other neighbiours already have some and we’ve even bought some as presents for other locals...

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Aberystwyth Wardens Pantomime 6

Aberystwyth Wardens Pantomime

We all went to the Panto in Aberystwyth yesterday – Oh yes we did!! When I say all I mean, Anna, Morgan and myself along with about 20 others in our group including a load of Morgan’s friends and their parents. We of course were only a small group in a packed house. It was Cinderella...

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Interval Run Training 1

Run Training – Intervals

I didn’t have much time for ‘training’ today so thought I’d fit in a quick but hard run at lunch time. I’ve been trying to do some VO2 Max intervals along the beach recently but haven’t been able to get the intensities, pace and distances quite right for it to be manageable but hard. The...

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First Ride of 2011 1

First Ride of 2011

We didn’t do an end of month ride in December as the snow was still deep in the hills, so instead we rescheduled and had a ride a week later around the entire Syfydrin Trail at Nant yr Arian. There was a good turn out too, with 13 riders, including the regulars such as myself,...

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