Getting old is no fun at all

All has been going well with my training lately – I’d been building up the weekly volume slowly but surely and had just about managed to burn off the extra weight put on over Christmas. I hadn’t been out on the bike at all, but both my swimming and running were feeling OK. I wasn’t feeling fast but my base fitness was OK and I’d soon have a decent base from which to starting working on the speed ready for the triathlon race season.

That was all until Fridy afternoon when my back started playing up. I’ve had a history of back pain but I’d been managing it well lately, but by Friday afternoon there was a niggling soreness at the base of my spine and in my left buttock. It didn’t get any better and by Saturday it had become an excruciating pain. No matter how I sat, stood or lay down I couldn’t get comfortable. Ibuprofen or paracetamol didn’t seem to help and nor did any of the stretches, cold or heat treatments or pain relieving rubs that I tried. The pain just got worse and I got grumpier and grumpier. I shall have to contact some sports physio’s tomorrow and see if I can get myself back on track before it really gets me down.

Hopefully it will begin to ease soon and I won’t miss too much training but these sorts of things really annoy me. This back pain may have so far only resulted in a single days missed training (today) but it’s already driving me nuts. I was supposed to do a run and a swim today but couldn’t and now I feel as though I’m getting slower and fatter already!

Obsessive?… Me?… Never! … Well, maybe just a little bit but I guess it’s better to be obsessed with keeping fit than with lots of other things I could think of.  Mind you, as mentioned above, I’ve tried sitting, lying and standing in various positions all of which are painful. Maybe, just maybe sitting on a bike and riding miles and miles will be OK? It’s got to be worth a try!

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Alan Cole

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