A Hilly Lunch Time Run

I haven’t posted any training reports here for a while, but I’ve just got back from a nice hilly lunch time run so thought I’d share it today.

I’m having quite a hard training week this week. I started back at circuits and swimfit last night after a break for Christmas. I actually missed a couple of weeks before Christmas as well, so it was pretty tough after a few weeks off, and the extra mince pies over the festive period didn’t help either. I wasn’t the only one suffering though.

Today’s run went OK though, I was a little sore from circuits and my back (sciatica type pain) is playing up a little, but once I got going I felt fine. I was pushing hard up and over the tops of the hills and climbed over 1200 feet altogether, with 4 main hills in the run. Starting in Borth, I ran up over the top to Dolybont, through Dolybont and then up the steep climb to the radio mast overlooking Borth Bog. From here it was downhill towards Taliesin, but before reaching Taliesin I turned right onto the road through Staylittle and climbed to the top, heading back towards Dolybont. It was then a quick dash through Talybont again before starting the long slog back up to the top and over into Borth.

I was hoping for an hours run and it took me 59 minutes 28 seconds so pretty much spot on. It wasn’t easy and I could do with loosing some of the extra Christmas weight, but a few more runs like that should sort me out.

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