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Black-headed Gulls 0

Feeding the Birds

We’ve been feeding the birds loads in this cold weather and of course putting out water for them too and they certainly seem to appreciate it. We’ve had all the usual suspects at the feeders, Starlings, Blackbirds, Blue Tits (loads of these), Chaffinches, Sparrows, Robins, Wrens, and quite a few thrushes. I haven’t seen any...

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Cut off by the Weather 3

Cut off by the Weather

I spent another comfortable night in the igloo in our back garden last night. It might not be quite as confortable and warm as my real bed but I won’t get many chances to sleep in an igloo in the garden again so I thought that I may as well. The weather has taken its...

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Snow Fun 0

Snow Fun

Yet more from my GoPro camera whilst playing in the snow over the weekend – Certainly getting some use out of it and having fun creating little family movies.

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Laying the Foundations 0

A Garden Igloo

Just spent an excellent day building a full on igloo in the garden. Morgan and I started at around 9.30 this morning and were then joined by Dave and Sarah. I made blocks in a plastic flower planter and arranged them whilst Sarah was trapped inside smoothing off the inner walls. It is surprisingly good...

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GoPro HD Video Camera Review 3

GoPro HD Video Camera Review

My birthday present for my 40th this year was a GoPro HD helmet camera – A small, HD video camera in a rugged, waterproof (to 60m) housing. On paper it doesn’t look like anything too special. Compared to most modern tech-toys and other video cameras it has very few features. Other than recording in HD...

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Video from Ynyslas Windsurf Session 0

Video from Ynyslas Windsurf Session

For those of you who aren’t bored with my GoPro HD video footage, here’s the video from yesterday’s windsurf session.

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