Windsurfing in the Winter Sun

The temperature dropped a fair bit here today, but the wind was blowing and for a change the sun was shining. There was therefore only one thing to do and that was make the most of my prolonged Christmas holiday and head to the beach for a windsurf.

It wasn’t that exciting a sail, just a mellow little blast around in the white-water, but that makes 2 days out of two on the water so far in 2012.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Thierry says:

    I arrived on your blog, by looking around for TotalFinder/PathFinder.

    Great video and music !

    Are you using a Hero camera?

  2. Avatar forComment Author Andy says:

    Hi Al,

    great blog. Nice to see footage of your wipe outs (tips for
    me on how to avoid e.g. too beam on to a wave when it
    breaks) and waterstarting. It was really intersting to see
    how quickly you could waterstart in the shorebreak. Could we have some
    more shots of your feet whilst gybing as you seem to have
    good quick footwork.


    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Thanks Andy, glad to see that people are watching the videos and enjoying them – I shall continue posting them, and seeing as you asked so nicely I’ll try to take some of footage of my feet during a gybe. Of course, as soon as I do that I’ll fall off mid gybe every time – If I do I’ll blame you! 🙂


  3. Avatar forComment Author Andy says:

    Hi Al,

    what is the helmet you use? It might be an idea to join the
    Barry Windsurfers Assoc if you would
    like a bit more coverage and also to see what the South Wales
    crew are doing.


    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Hi Andy,
      It’s an ice hockey helmet that I use, complete with face mask to protect my teeth – cheaper than dentistry I’ve found.

      I usually post my session logs and videos to (another of my websites), but know some of the Barry crew as well as I buy kit from Jim at para-vida from time to time and have windsurfed and ridden with Kelvin and a few others from that neck of the woods a fair bit as well.


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