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Fenix 3 Setup 26

Garmin Fenix 3 Battery Drain Fix

I love my Garmin Fenix 3 smart watch and without wanting to curse it, it has all been working well. There are occasional software updates for it and these have brought improvements with them since I got the watch. As a watch that I can wear all day long then I obviously use it all the...

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GoPro Mounting Accessories 3

GoPro Mounting Accessories

If you haven’t already noticed, I had a new GoPro Hero 4 Silver for Christmas, complete with lots of GoPro mounting accessories. I also had plenty of GoPro mounting accessories leftover from my previous GoPro camera. What I didn’t have was somewhere to keep them all, but Morgan had a nice silver carry case that...

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Christmas Dinner 1

Christmas Day 2015

Well, it’s Boxing Day so we have survived the madness of Christmas Day – Hope everyone else had a good day, we did. Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of fun and lots of games. Lots of presents under the tree, lots of lego and lots of fiddling with gadgets and lots of family time...

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PDF to PNG Automator 1

PDF to PNG Automator Script – Batch Processing

A bit of a geeky post for you today and a quick and easy way to batch process a PDF to PNG’s using Automator. In fact it allows you to batch process a multi-page pdf file into a number of image types if you wish. You may think this is a bit of an obscure thing...

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TrainerRoad Workout Summary 0

Ultimate Turbo Trainer Set Up, Gadgets, Software and Workflow

I’m quite pleased with my turbo trainer set up, the software I use with it, the ‘workflow’ I have to record everything and the gadgets that I use to make this happen. I’ve mentioned many of them here in passing, but thought I’d write a post about the whole kit and caboodle. What I use, how it...

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 1

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Prime

The Amazon Fire TV stick popped up on offer the other day and was just too good an offer to miss. The usual price Amazon Fire TV Stick at £34.99 isn’t exactly expensive, but when I noticed it as a Black Friday offer for just £24.99 I decided to take a closer look. We’ve never really looked at...

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Weight trend 0

Weight Trend – Withings WS-50

Ooh, a new ‘Weight Trend’ screen has suddenly appeared on our Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyser Scales. Ok, it’s not ground breaking news but it’s still quite nice to get an update to a pair of scales without asking for it. Weight Trend Screen The new weight trend screen is displayed after the weight measurement screen...

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