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Phew! 2


Well, that has been a stressful few days thanks to website and hosting issues, which is also my excuse for not posting anything here for a few days. I don’t think anyone is still quite sure what went wrong, but the server upon which my sites and many of my clients sites are hosted decided to...

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Carbonite Problems and Backup Woes 2

Carbonite Problems and Backup Woes

Well, I have my new iMac all set up and running. Data Migration The migration procedure was fairly straight forward thanks to the fact that I have plenty of cloned backups courtesy of SuperDuper!. I simply started up the new iMac and used Apple’s built in set-up assistant to transfer my data from a cloned...

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Apple Education Store 3

Apple Education Store

As employees of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Anna and I are entitled to buy products through the Apple Education Store and thereby receive discounts. The Apple Education Store states “If you are a student, teacher, lecturer, administrator or other staff member in education you qualify for special discounted pricing on Apple computers, software and...

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The new iMac 2

Time for a new iMac

If you can’t decide which new iMac to get, then the decision process I went through whilst deciding which iMac to buy may just hep you. That’s why I’m sharing it here. Mac vs PC Before you Windows guys tell me to ‘get a PC’, it won’t work. I’ve used Apple Macintosh computers ever since my...

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Browsers 0

Password Managers – LastPass, 1Password and iCloud Keychain

I’m forever advising clients about online security and the importance of secure, unique passwords, but it is amazing how lax some people can be with their passwords and how blasé they are with regards to online security. The Problem with Passwords Passwords of course aren’t the ideal way of protecting our accounts online for a...

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Bike Fast Fit App 0

Bike Fit and Turbo Trainer Set Up

I know it’s a bit of a luxury having a bike specifically for use on my Turbo Trainer, but it is over 20 years old! The other issue with it is that it isn’t easy to get it set up exactly the same as the bike I use on the road. If I simply put...

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Onyx 1

Upgrading to Mac OSX Mavericks

As a self-confessed ‘Mac Fan Boy’ and a surfer, when Apple announced that the latest incarnation of OSX would be named ‘Mavericks’ after a famous big wave surf break in California I really couldn’t resist upgrading to the latest operating system. When they announced last week that the upgrade would be free then I was sold....

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Speedtest 7

A Summer Hiatus – Silver Bands and Broadband

I’m hoping that isn’t the end of summer but yesterday’s evening swim was definitely less summery than of late and it’s raining again this morning. I even had to put a jacket on after my swim in Aberystwyth last night as it was getting quite chilly and we had to put the headlights on during the drive home...

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Day 4 of Summer 1

Summer – Day 4

Day 4 of Summer dawned with clear blue skies and plenty of promise. Lots of work to do today though so once again it was an early start in order to fit it all in. Blogging, cleaning, vacuuming, breakfast, stretching, working on websites and then off to a local business to work on their invoicing...

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Mobile Mayhem – One Month On

Well, I’ve had my new iPhone 4 for nearly a month now and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t become the mobile monster that I feared. I used it a fair bit in Turkey, but since being back I’m not buried in it that often. The phone itself was bought from a mobile shop...

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