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Salted Caramel Brownies 1

Builders Brownies

We’ve been feeling guilty as we haven’t been here to supply the workmen with tea and cakes whilst they’ve been creating a new drive for us. So today I decided to bake some brownies for them. Not just any old brownies either, but delicious salted caramel brownies. The perfect ‘builders brownies’ in fact. Mind you,...

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Booster Bars 2

Booster Bars

I’m sure that even being packed full of seeds and fruit that these ‘Booster Bars’ aren’t good for you. Somehow, I think the masses of butter, sugar, peanut butter and honey kind of override any goodness from the seeds. And if we’re counting calories then things don’t get much more calorie dense than this. Very...

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Christmas Dinner Curry 1

Christmas Dinner Curry

It wouldn’t be Christmas without loads of leftovers and what better to do with them than make a Christmas Dinner Curry. I didn’t stop at the turkey either, in went the stuffing, in went the sprouts, even the pigs in blankets and some nice sausage meat and cranberry balls that we had. Any leftover veggies too....

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Angry Bird Pumpkin 3

Witches Finger Biscuits – Getting Ready For Halloween

After work on Friday we popped into the Supermarket and bought 21 pumpkins! Yep, we had a few funny looks wandering around with a trolley full of nothing but pumpkins, but we had good reason – It was a pumpkin each for the Scouts so that they could carve their halloween lanterns. Morgan loves carving...

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Muffins 0

Foraging for Muffins

ather than send Morgan to Holiday Club for the summer Anna and I are taking various days off work so that we can be at home with him as much as possible. Some of these are days off work at the University, others for me are days off Website Design work. Tuesday was the latter...

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Slow Cooker 1

Slow Cooker Recipes

We’ve had a slow cooker for years and I have to admit it is lovely to head out for the day (whether that is off for a walk in the hills with Alan and Morgan or just a day at work) and have tea all ready to go when you walk through the door.

I have only ever made stew in our slow cooker. I have played with the variety of stew and we’ve had some lovely beef, pork and leek, beef and ale and chicken stews over the years…

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Heart Rate From Hill Reps 1

Hellish Hill Reps

After what was supposed to be a recovery week training wise, it was back to it today with some hellish hill reps. Not that the preceding week was exactly restful thanks to lots and lots of work to do, both website design work and working at the University, which meant that in order to fit...

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The Christmas Cakes are a Coming

Another sleepless night last night thanks to the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. We started off by taking the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to the Railway Inn and The Victoria in Borth so that they could sing carols at the Mad Friday punters and collect some money. They did OK and the people of Borth...

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Boozy Fruit Mix 2

Christmas Cake Baking

If you haven’t already done so, then it’s time to think about baking your Christmas Cake. I know some people do it much earlier than this, but the half term holidays seems like a perfect time to do it. We have about 8 weeks until Christmas itself, which give me plenty of time to ‘feed’...

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Chilli Jam 0

Homemade Chilli Jam

Mmmm, Home made chilli jam from homegrown chillies! I think Anna wants to make some green chilli jam next. I think we should do red, orange and green and make traffic light chilli jam. That would make nice Christmas presents. So those of you who get Christmas presents from us, you have been warned! Don’t...

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