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Geocaching Badges 0

Geocaching Badges

What with all the geocaching we’ve been doing lately, we’ve been looking at our geocaching stats in a new way. As well as using the statistics on, we’ve subscribed to as well which provides us with a more detailed look at our stats and even gives us badges for completing certain milestones. It...

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Ropework 1

Exploring Cwmorthin Mine – The Slaughterhouse

Whilst walking in the Moelwyns above Tanygrisiau the other week Morgan and I came across a whole load of mine entrances that led to caverns and passages that looked ripe for exploring. Not knowing much about them and not having the right equipment with us we resisted the temptation to enter them, but did look...

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Setting off 1

A 5 Star Mountain Challenge

I think that having hit 32 consecutive days on Saturday we are coming to the end of our geocaching streak. We went out on a high though with a 5 star mountain challenge. That’s 5 stars out of 5 stars in case you were wondering. As mentioned in a recent post about our  walks up Cadair Idris and...

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Aberystwyth 0

Summer Continues

The schools might have gone back, but the weather has improved again and our geocaching streak continues. We’ve been geocaching for 30 days in a row now and have done some good caches during that time. We broke quite a few records last weekend and we’ve been trying to continue this streak even though Morgan is...

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Family Selfie 3

A Record Breaking, Record Breaking Day of Geocaching

Phew, I’ve think we’ve broken more geocaching records than ever in a single day today! Most caches in a single day Most caches in a month Most caches in a year Geostreak and a 500 cache milestone too This was all down to the Loop the loop series in the hills above Llywngwril by ‘Puffing...

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Walking in Wales 4

Moelwyn Mountains with Morgan

Morgan and I had a lovely day in the Moelwyn Mountains on Thursday. We had our sights on the final feeder cache for the Gwyddno Mountain Challenge geocache. We needed to find it in order to get the final questions that would give us the last few numbers of the coordinates for the final cache. So,...

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Granite 3

Bye Bye Summer

Well, it feels as though summer is coming to an end. There’s only a few days left of the school holidays, we’ve just had a fairly damp August Bank Holiday weekend and there are only 120 days until Christmas! We didn’t let the change in the weather dampen our spirits though and managed some family...

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Cadair Idris and Foel Ispri Geocaching

Morgan is still quite enthusiastic about his geocaching. He’s keen to go out in the morning to find a new geocache and is motivated by the thought of breaking records. Our consecutive days geocaching streak is now up to 17 and he wants to keep going. Of course, each day gets more difficult as we begin...

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Fitzcaraldo Clock 1

Geocaching – Events, Souvenirs and Beastly Puzzles

As I mentioned elsewhere, we’ve been doing a fair bit of geocaching lately. It started whilst we were away on holiday, we did a few at the beginning of August and in the process gained a couple of souvenirs towards the 7 Souvenirs of August challenge. We then aimed to get a few more souvenirs and before we...

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Souvenirs 1

Geocaching – The 7 Souvenirs of August

Geocachers seem to like stats, milestones and collecting things. I know “it’s not about the numbers” but geocachers do like to keep a record of these things. So in addition to tracking the number of chaches you have found, the types of caches you have found, your furthest cache, North, East South or West, your...

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Mirror Carp 1

A Holiday with Family – Fishing, Balloon Glow and The Big Pit

Our family summer holiday moved into it’s next phase, following on from cycling to John O’Groats to Lands End and then a day or two on Bodmin Moor we were now at my parents house in South Gloucestershire for a couple of days. We arrived at around lunchtime on Wednesday afternoon and had arranged for...

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Avenue of Trees 1

A Holiday on Bodmin – The Eden Project

Following our ‘sort of holiday’ whilst cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End, we had booked ourselves a proper family holiday for a couple of nights on Bodmin Moor. We were staying in a camping pod billed as a Hobbit Home, high up on the moor at Wheal Tor Hotel. The welcome there wasn’t the...

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