Geocaching Badges

What with all the geocaching we’ve been doing lately, we’ve been looking at our geocaching stats in a new way. As well as using the statistics on, we’ve subscribed to as well which provides us with a more detailed look at our stats and even gives us badges for completing certain milestones.

It may seem silly, but each badge has different levels, from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum to gemstone badges of Ruby, Sapphire. Emerald and Diamond. There are badges for all sorts of achievements, not just for the number of different types of caches found, but also for the number of ‘First to Finds’, the elevation of your highest cache, the distance you have travelled between caches, the number of 5/5 caches you have found and even for filling out the difficulty/terrain matrix.

We’ve a long way to go before we get badges for many of the categories and no chance of getting some of them but we aren’t doing too badly either. It has also got us motivated to search out some particular caches just to tick a few extras boxes towards a new badge. Here’s what we have at the moment.

Geocaching Badges

Geocaching Badges

As you can see we only have one ‘Diamond’ badge, the Long-Distance Cacher which is awarded¬†for finding a cache 10,000 km or further away from home. We’ve found one over 18,000km from home thanks to our trip to New Zealand. We are close to moving up a level on a few others though, only needing one more square in the D/T matrix to level up on the ‘Matrix Cacher’ badge and one more 5/5 find to level up on the ‘Adventurous Cacher’ badge.

I think our recent discovery of several Travel Bugs will get us a ‘Travel Bug’ badge too, but the stats for these badges are only generated once a week so we’ll have to wait and see. What with trying to get more badges and trying to find all of the caches within 5 miles (and then 10 miles) of home geocaching should keep us busy for a while yet. It would be good to fill out the D/T matrix as well but I think that will take some doing.


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