New Year in St David’s

We were invited to spend a couple of days in St David’s. staying in a holiday home owned by some friends. We couldn’t go for long as we just so happened to be looking after their guinea pigs so couldn’t leave them for long but decided spend New Year there and make a start on walking some of the Wales Coast Path.

We headed down on Tuesday afternoon after a quick tidy of the house and a feed of all the animals. We stopped off in Tesco’s in Cardigan for supplies and arrived at the house in St David’s just after dark. So, after some dinner we wandered into the town found a geocache, took a quick look at St David’s cathedral and then wandered back to the house. The house itself was lovely, just outside of the main town square but within the town itself so provided easy access to everything and plenty of room for us too. It was a bit chilly when we arrived but once the heating was on it soon warmed up so we had a chilled evening in playing ‘Banagrams’ as Morgan had banned the TV!

I planned a route for the following day too as we were hoping to start walking some of the coast path. It would be nice to walk all of it over time, so we had to start somewhere and a nice easy walk from Solva to St Nons looked ideal.

The next morning, we packed our bags, wandered up to the bus stop where we had a quick play in the playground before catching the bus into Solva. It was a grey and very windy day but at least it wasn’t raining. The rain wasn’t forecast until later in the day so we were hoping to be close to St David’s, if not already back by the time it arrived. We started off our walk with a quick geocache in Solva and then headed out along the coast. The wind was howling up over the tops of the cliffs with foam being blown from the sea crashing against the rocks below up over the cliffs and out onto the coast path. We saw a few other people out walking, including a few largish family parties out on a New Years Eve walk, but not many.

We stopped for a packed lunch partway round, along with lots of other minor stops to admire the scenery, look at the geology or top Morgan up with biscuits and drink. We also stopped to find a geocache above Caerfai Bay and then continued on around to St Nons. Anna and Morgan were getting a little fed up with the walking by now though so a total of 6.5 miles was about right for them. We didn’t add anything on to the end of the walk therefore and were back at the house by 1:30pm.

After a quick change out of our walking boots we wandered into town to take little look at the cathedral in daylight – Somehow, despite having definitely been to St Davids before Anna couldn’t remember the cathedral!

St Davids Cathedral

St Davids Cathedral

It was then time for a nice hot chocolate in a cafe before booking a table at the Bishops Inn for dinner later that evening. We chilled for the rest of the afternoon, had a nice dinner out and then headed back to the house for New Years Eve.

We have to admit though that after a couple of games of Banagrams and amusing ourselves with a word association game without showing our teeth we decided not to stay up until midnight.

Maui the Monkey

Maui the Monkey

It was only 10pm and we were getting fed up with what the TV had to offer (none of it was really suitable for a 9 year old). Even Morgans monkey teddy ‘Maui’ was getting bored and had decided to amuse himself with my slippers. Besides, if it weren’t for me telling you now on this weblog, no one would ever know that we didn’t last until midnight so we headed off to bed.

I didn’t really manage to get to sleep though and the fireworks at midnight seemed to be being set off from right outside our bedroom window which didn’t help. Other than that we had a very subdued and quiet New Years Eve. I was up early the next morning though waiting for first light so that I could head out for a Half Marathon run before we headed home to feed the guinea pigs and cat!

A nice couple of days away in typical grey and damp Welsh weather. We have started on our quest to walk the coast path though and found a few geocaches too. A couple more days at home and then its back to school and work – Boo!

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  1. mum says:

    Doesn’t Anna always talk like that lol….sorry Anna
    Sounds like you all had a lovely break
    Good luck with the healthy eating Al x

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