Geocache Logs from Wild Wales

Thanks for taking the time to lay the series and bringing us up here into wild mid Wales.

— Arlene+Matt

It’s always nice to get people visiting geocaches that you’ve hidden, and even better when they write nice things in the logs.“Definitely getting a favourite point. Thanks for a smashing cache.”The best are those caches that are rarely visited, but that you know are something special. This means that when people do get around to making the effort to get to them you know full well what sort of a day they’ve had.

A series just like this is the Watery Wales 2 series of geocaches that I hid with Steve back in 2007.  The geocaches haven’t had a huge number of finds since then, with even the most popular of them only being found 26 times, but everyone that has found them has had a great day out in the hills doing so. A couple of people ‘Arlene and Matt’ found them at the weekend and as usual seemed to have enjoyed their day out.

They did them in the same order as we did and the recommended order for the series. Starting at Angler’s Retreat with a nice easy find, then on to Llyn Penrhaeadr where the cache is probably missing so it looks as though I’ll have to head out there myself soon to replace it. It’s from here on that the series gets properly interesting with a stop above the falls of Pistyll-y-Llyn, one of the tallest waterfalls in Wales and the United Kingdom. Arlene and Matt’s log from this geocache said:

People travel the world for views like this. Absolutely stunning! We chose the right day as well with it being so clear and sunny we could see for miles around.

We found ourselves on the wrong side to the waterfall at first which was frustrating considering the rough terrain.

Soon had the cache in hand once we’d corrected our mistake, great to see such a big cache way out here. Took a little maze game and replaced it with a bookmark, signed the log and hid it away well again.

Definitely getting a favourite point. Thanks for a smashing cache.

Next up is a short walk over some fairly rough ground to Pen Creigiau’r Llan, a fairly remote, bleak location. Here’s their log from this cache.

This was hard work. The bumpy terrain is made to break ankles if you’re unlucky enough.

We just followed the needle of the compass, I don’t think there’s a easier way unfortunately.

We needed the clue here so thankfully Arlene had some signal on her phone. The co-ords landed us a fair way away on the opposite side of the stream but what would be the fun if all the co-ords were spot on?!

Signed the log and replaced. Thanks for the workout 🙂

Finally, the walk from here to the final cache of the day overlook the picturesque lake of Llyn Conach really is tough work. The tussocky gras is a quad killer and after an already tough day in the hills is enough to finish many people off. Most people seem to relish the challenge though (once it’s over). Matt and Arlene were no exception:

We’re tired now and this is the toughest terrain of the walk. Really hard. Thankfully the weather is good, I can’t imagine what it would have been like had it been windy and raining.

It’s taken about 4 hours and we’ve walked 6 miles but feels like a lot more thanks to those flippin grassy lumps!

The lake appears suddenly out of nowhere and I really want to take one of the row boats out on to it for a few hours fishing in the early evening sun. It’s so calm and peaceful.

Found the cache and signed the log quickly and we’re done. The car is a 3rd of a mile away so not to bad and we can walk along the banks of lake to the road which is a lot easier on our legs!

A great afternoons walk and a good workout. It’s been a while.

Thanks for taking the time to lay the series and bringing us up here into wild mid Wales.

I’m now going to research how to get permission to fish up here! Thanks very much.

Good to see that they had a nice day out though thanks to a series of caches I laid. I need to get up there to replace one of them, so might try to encourage Morgan to do the whole series with me.

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  1. Alan says:

    And another nice log from a different cache that we’ve hidden:

    “If I thought the moomins cache was big, this was even better! Can’t believe how great the coords were. Fantastic view, amazing walk. Thanks for the cache! Btw signed it as 14th but clearly is 15th. Doh.”

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