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Green Lane 1

Geocaching in Llanafan

Sunday dawned wet and miserable and didn’t look good for our apiary safari in Llanafan. I was going to go for a ride but decided against it when I saw the weather. Instead, I got up and did lots of household chores and then baked a Greek Honey Cake ready for the afternoons beekeeping meeting. It turned...

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Dinner 5

Geocaching Summer Road Trip – Fun with Favourites Souvenir

This years summer of geocaching souvenir is a series of ‘Road Trip’ souvenirs. There are six souvenirs to collect in total, with each one becoming active at different times throughout the summer. The Geocaching Road Trip runs between June 19th and September 2nd during which time we have to find five souvenirs to unlock a...

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Caged 4

65th Birthday Party and a sunny day in Yate

Another Bank Holiday weekend over and done with, and another busy weekend for us. Immediately after Morgan had finished his race in the Aberystwyth Cycle Fest, we jumped in the car, dropped Morgans bike off at the University and then headed towards my parents house in Gloucestershire. We arrived in time for dinner and then had...

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Pooh Sticks 0

A Day out in St Neots

Racing in Triathlons tends to take us to places we haven’t been before, and St. Neots in Cambridgeshire was one of these places. We drove down after school and work on Friday evening and arrived at a nearby Premier Inn which was to be our bed for a couple of nights. It was quite late...

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Lulworth Cove 0

Holiday in Dorset – Lulworth Cove and Sandcastle World

Another lovely day in Dorset and today we had a trip to Lulworth Cove planned, so after breakfast we set off and soon arrived at Lulworth Cove where we parked in the car park which was quiet had a quick look around the visitor centre and then headed off across the beach which we had virtually...

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Climbing 1

Holiday to Dorset – Climbing (not) and a day in Weymouth

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny once again we had no sleep as the room was so hot. I therefore went out for an early morning walk into the reeds of the Lodmor Country Park as the sun rose.   I returned with croissants for breakfast for Anna and Morgan. We complained about the ridiculous heat...

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Cerne Abbas 0

Holiday to Dorset – The Journey South

After a weekend at my parents house for Easter we spent most of Easter Monday heading south towards Dorset. Cerne Abbas Giant We took quite a random route to get there and stopped off at Cerne Abbas to take a look at the giant there which Morgan found quite amusing. We had a nice picnic...

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Family Photo 3

Holiday to Dorset – En Route to Portland

It may only be April, but it was time for our family holiday to Portland in Dorset. Why Portland in Dorset? Well, I was planning on competing in what looked like a nice sprint distance triathlon there on Sunday 12th, and it was the area that I studied for for PhD. looking at the palaeoecology...

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Geocache Logs from Wild Wales 1

Geocache Logs from Wild Wales

t’s always nice to get people visiting geocaches that you’ve hidden, and even better when they write nice things in the logs.The best are those caches that are rarely visited, but that you know are something special. This means that when people do get around to making the effort to get to them you know full...

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