Pi Day Souvenir

Happy Pi Day everyone… We celebrated 3.14.15 (otherwise known as Pi Day) with a trip to Welshpool and the finding of a mystery geocache. It was actually one I’d worked out months ago, but seeing as we were going to Welshpool for a day out anyway and there was a Pi Day souvenir up for grabs for finding a mystery cache today we thought we’d give it a go. Unfortunately we didn’t get there early enough in the day to find it at 9:26 and 53 seconds as that would have been pretty cool (in a geeky kind of way). It’s not very often (once every hundred years) that you get to celebrate Pi day to 9 decimal places, but at 9:26:53 on March 14th 2015 you could… 3.141592653

Pi-Day Souvenir

Pi-Day Souvenir

We had a wander around Derwen Garden Centre along with a cream tea elevensies, a wander around Welshpool town centre looking for the geocache. Then we went for a wander around Coed Dinas Garden Centre and had lunch there. We bought some fish for the fish tank in the beach room too, then went shopping ready for a Spicery.com Mother’s Day meal tomorrow and then had a nice drive back.

Morgan now has a friend staying over for a sleepover, so it’s time for some chores and to relax on the sofa. I may even watch the Grand prix Qualifying and have a little snooze!

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