More Geocaching Records in Aberaeron and Aberarth

Another day of the school holidays and it started grey and dreary, but Morgan and I were undeterred and decided to head off towards Aberaeron in search of a 5* difficulty geocache so that we could get another ‘Summer Road Trip’ souvenir.

We’d spotted a 5* difficulty cache in Aberaeron which would do nicely as it would give us the ‘Let’s Get Extreme’ souvenir which is awarded for finding a T5 or a D5 geocache. The rain stopped on our way there and after parking we headed off to the bridge where the cache was situated.

The Bridge

The Bridge

I won’t give too much away, but the cache description said:

Rather than add another simple cache as part of a series I’ve made this one a little more of a challenge. Easy to get within feet of but to get your mits on it you made need a little courage or long arms.

It took us a little while to spot the cache container, but once we did we were straight on the case and soon had it in our hands, signed the logbook and replaced it. It wasn’t actually as difficult as we were expecting, but we’re not complaining about that as it means we’ve found a D5 cache and therefore earned ourselves a souvenir.

Lets Get Extreme Souvenir

Lets Get Extreme Souvenir

Our stash of Summer road trip souvenirs is growing. We now have:

  1. Fun with Favourites
  2. High-5 For the Earth
  3. Lets Get Extreme

Just the following to go

  1. Meet your Road Trip Crew
  2. Put on Your Thinking Cap
  3. Road Trip Hero

We have a couple of caches in the pipeline to hopefully get these.

After our cache we wandered around Aberaeron, had some lunch and then did a couple of other caches in Aberaeron.

We then off to Aberarth where we took our daily tally up to 10 caches, with some nice walks around the village, along the coast path and up a hill behind the village to a very nice church. We also passed a house built into the hillside so that you could only just spot it from above.

Another great day out and as you can see from the photos, it turned out lovely. There was quite a breeze blowing too, so once back at home I popped across to the beach for a quick windsurf session before dinner.

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