A Conservatory Makeover

We’ve had our conservatory since 2011. It’s a useful room, but as with most conservatories it gets too hot in the summer and it’s freezing cold in the winter. Time therefore to do something about it. We did look into having a completely new tiled roof fitted but that was quite expensive. Instead we decided that a new insulated ceiling would hopefully achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost.

So, on Friday I emailed ‘Conservatory Insulations UK’ and had a conversation with the very helpful Charlotte. Before you knew it, we had an updated quote and plans were afoot for Ian and Carl to come to sunny Ynyslas on Monday morning to give us a conservatory makeover!n We had a few more emails and phone conversations to organise and confirm things and all the while they were very helpful.

Then, as planned, Ian turned up on Monday morning – he was alone as Carl’s daughter was ill but said that wouldn’t make too much difference and he’d still get it all done that day. I took a quick photo of the conservatory roof before he started as this was the last time we would see through the roof.

Work about to Commence
Work about to Commence

Suitably supplied with coffee Ian got on with the job quickly with just the odd pause to have a chat to me. First wooden battens were attached to the roof struts. Next, insulation was cut to chape and stapled to these battens. More battens were then put in place. I was able to leave him to it while I went for a quick lunchtime cycle. Next, uPVC cladding was cut to size and attached to the second set of battens. inally, extra bit of trim were added here and there and LED lights were installed in the main ridge trim. The wind had picked up during the afternoon so I headed off to the beach to windsurf at about 2pm and left Ian to it.

When I returned everything was tidied up, the conservatory had a new ceiling and the job was done. Ian had of course headed off as he had a long drive back to Manchester, but it all looks good.

The conservatory feels quite a bit different now, but it looks nice and hopefully will be a more functional room. We’re hoping the new ceiling will create shade in the summer keeping it cooler and that the insulation will retain some of the house’s heat in the winter. It already felt cooler out there yesterday so it seems to be working for the summer shading. We’ll have to wait and see how it feels in the winter.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Trudi has been pleased with hers. She had taken the connecting door away completely, which means the the rest of the house gets a bit extra warmth and the conservatory is completely intergrated into the house .throughout the whole year. I’m sure you will be pleased with yours.

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