Summer Windsurfing is Here

What a session that was!! After a 20-mile lunchtime bike ride doing 3-minute intervals, it was back to work while the wind filled in.

By 2 pm it was blowing a hoolie, so it was off to the beach for a windsurf with Alistair. The skies were blue, there were white-caps covering the sea and there was barely anyone on the beach. I rigged my 5m sail and headed out on my bigger 103ltr board. After a few runs that felt a little too large so I popped back into the beach and changed down to my 85 ltr board. That felt much better and I had a little more control whilst blasting over the choppy seas.

There was very little in the way of swell but it was certainly good fun out there. Alistair soon joined me and we had a few runs blasting along together. The wind just keep picking up and was well over 30 knots towards the end. A 4.5m sail would have been plenty by now and we were getting tired so it was time to call it a day before something got broken!

Once back at home I inspected the new conservatory roof, and ate dinner as the wind dropped off to nothing. Glad I made the most of it while I could. Not a bad day with 20 miles on the bike and 20 miles on the board!

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    New conservatory roof ?

  1. Monday, June 5th, 2023

    […] amazing for the last week or so. First, we had a week of NW sea breezes that led to some relaxed summertime sailing in the afternoons from the seafront. These surprised me by turning up every day so I just had to […]

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