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Lean-to Roof 3

A Lean-to Roof – The Building Continues

As you know from my previous post about building a lean-to, we were delayed in putting the roof on whilst my Dad was here thanks to the fact that Sheet Plastics who we’d bought the polycarbonate sheets from failed to deliver on time. We’d paid £20 for a specific delivery date on the Friday, but it didn’t...

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Checking Levels 1

Building a Lean-to

We had been planning on building a lean-to along the back of the house for a while but then all of a sudden due to other commitments and arrangements the weekend that we’d be able to do it was upon us. It wasn’t supposed to be quite so soon but it was the only weekend we...

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New Drive 0

A New Drive – Day 6

It’s still busy at work for us so we haven’t been able to be here whilst the workmen are in creating our new drive. It’s all going well though and after a few minor alterations and final preparations things are now ready for the tarmac. The timelapse video starts today with the setting of the...

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Roller 3

A New Drive – Day 5

Day 5 of our drive transformation and the heavy machinery was out in force. Once again we couldn’t be there as we were at work, but we left salted caramel chocolate brownies out for the workmen and headed off to work. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day for the workmen, if a little...

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New Drive Way on a Frosty Morning 0

A New Drive – Day Two

Day two of the workmen working on our new drive and yet again we were all out of the house early for work and didn’t return until they had left. No tea and cakes for the workmen from us, but they seem to be getting on well with the job. After the removal of lots...

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Digger 1

Diggers at the Ready – Here we go Again

Since building our house back in 2003, we’ve had diggers move in and destroy our garden several times. There were diggers to install a septic tank, diggers to build a conservatory, diggers to dig up the telephone lines and once again the diggers are back. This time to lay a much needed new drive. We’ve been trying to get...

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