A Christmas Eve Run and Walk

I had hoped to go for a nice hill walk on Christmas Eve. Nothing too extreme, probably just a walk up Cadair Idris. The icy temperatures and strong winds would have made it fairly exciting at those elevations.

Unfortunately lockdown meant that we weren’t allowed to travel and were supposed to be staying at home. We were of course allowed to exercise as long as it started and finished from home. My excitement for the day would have to be local.

A Half Marathon in the Morning

It started with a nice half marathon run. From home I headed east to Tre Ddol and then into the woods and across to Talybont. From here it was up over the hill and back down to Dolybont and then into Borth and home along the Golf Course. Exactly a half marathon. It wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t too slow either.

A Stroll along the Beach

After lunch I was ready to go again so a little later in the afternoon I headed out into what was now a strong wind. The sun was shining and clouds were scuttling across the sky. Once on the beach sand was streaming across the ground in a mini sandstorm too. I was well wrapped up and headed off for a walk towards the point.

The tide was dropping as I headed north with the sun low in the sky already. Things were quite barren out on the point with sand blowing everywhere and no one around. The low sun had Aberdyfi glowing across the waters.

Once into the estuary I was surprised to see quite so many cars. Despite the fact that we were in lockdown and not supposed to be driving places I counted over 40 cars parked up on the sands. Fortunately I didn’t see too many of the occupants as I headed back into the dunes. The sun was beginning to set by now and the view of the visitor centre was just perfect.

Ynyslas Visitor Centre
Ynyslas Visitor Centre

Things were quiet in amongst the dunes if a little wet and the views from the top of the boardwalk were nice too. I did see people as I walked up the boardwalk, but I stepped off into the dunes to give them plenty of room to pass. The fact that they had two young children with them suggested to me that their plan was to tire them out with a bracing walk so that they might have a chance of getting them to sleep later that evening.

Back on the beach, the sun was getting ever lower and the colours were those of the ‘golden hour’.

I didn’t hang around for the full sunset though as it was Christmas Eve so there was a nice dinner to eat and still a few things to do ready for the big day.

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  1. Monday, December 28th, 2020

    […] Christmas Eve was at least a little less stressful than previous years. Dinner was a little different with a nice platter of charcuterie and a cheese fondue. It was nice an cosy with the fire on too. […]

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