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The Bird Hide Loop 0

The Lines of Ynyslas

After a nice little surf in my Surf Ski on New years Eve, Anna and I went for a walk. We walked along the top of the beach between the pebbles and the golf course. There seems to be long lines wherever we looked. Across the railway line to where the bird hide used to...

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Morgan on Whale Lookout Duties 0

Dead Whale at Ynyslas

I’d already said that we’d have to get out for a family Boxing Day Walk, but encouraging Morgan to do so may not be easy. However, during my Boxing Day Swim I discovered from a dog walker that there was a dead whale washed up on the beach. A dead whale at Ynyslas? that should be...

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Anna and Morgan 0

A Walk around Ynyslas

It seems like ages since we’ve seen the sun, but it made a brief appearance here on Sunday so we went for as little walk around Ynyslas. Christmas Treats for the Bees I’d already been out for an early morning bike ride and a swim and then had come home, done loads of chores and had even...

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Rabbit 2

An Animal Puzzle Walk

It was the last day of the school holidays for Morgan today and a chance to beat our ‘consecutive days geocaching’ record so Morgan was quite motivated to get out and find at least one cache. We left the house fairly early this morning and drove to Tan y Coed for a little walk in...

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Night Hike Route 0

Night Hike Recce

Friday evening they said, it’s only an hour or two each week – so we signed up and became Scout Leaders for Borth 2nd Scouts. They forgot to tell us that there would be several planning meetings a month, tonnes of emails to read and respond to and phone calls galour! On top of that...

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Exploring the Forest 1

Geocaching and Treetop Walk in Salcey Forest

As part of my rest day before the Big Cow Triathlon we had decided to go for a walk in Salcey Forest which wasn’t far from the Hotel we were staying at in Northampton. We hadn’t been there before so we went armed with some geocaches to look for and planned to walk along the...

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New Years Day Walk

Like people all over the country, we made the most of the lovely winter weather and went for a walk on New Years Day. Nothing too adventurous as we had Morgan and ‘Granny’ with us so we just had a little stroll around the Ynyshir Nature Reserve. There were lots of Canada Geese on around...

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Woodland Crafts in Penglais Woods Nature Reserve

After taking Morgan for a swimming lesson yesterday morning, in which he didn’t do as asked as usual, we heaed off for a walk in Penglais Woods where there was a special craft day going on. We had a nice little walk along the footpath from the entrance opposite the university and then in a...

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