Grey Waves

It’s that time of year between Christmas and New Year. We’re all at home, there’s loads of food to be eaten and there’s not much happening. This year it’s also pretty grey and uninteresting out there.

Thursday was drizzly and still to start the day so I headed out for a nice easy run. I’ve had some sort of lurgy for the last week so this was my first proper bit of exercise for a while. I took it easy and felt fine, until my knee started hurting so I walked the last mile home along the beach.

There was a little swell rolling into the beach, the tide was getting quite high though so I decided to wait until it dropped off in the afternoon. That gave Anna and I chance to go for a walk from Borth. Up to the War Memorial, down into Aberwennol and then back through the caravan site to Borth again.

Grey Waves

I then convinced Morgan to join me in the sea. It was pretty grey out there and so still. Not a ripple on the water, just some nice little waves slowly rolling into shore. Easy waves to catch for a lovely mellow surf session. Morgan on his board and me on my ski.

Dinner was a Spicery curry made with leftovers. Some of the remaining turkey (the rest has been frozen) and all of the remaining veggies went into it. With nothing much else happening we then spent the evening watching Christmas films and eating junk!

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