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As I mentioned the other day, the Scouts are beginning to get used to Anna and I  and I think they secretly like the fact that we are their leaders. Things are obviously easier for us over the summer in some respects as the light evenings mean that we can actually get out and do things, even if the weather isn’t always on our side.

Some of the activities do of course take a fair bit of organising but we’ve taken them on nice walks along the coast path and hikes in the hills. They enjoyed the camp that we organised and ran for them and a couple of weeks ago we had them cycling from along the Ystwyth Cycle Path. Last week we organised surfing on the beach here at Borth, a much anticipated activity for most of them. We are a little biased of course and tend to do things that either Anna or I know a fair bit about, I do after all do quite a lot of cycling, surfing and walking in the hills, but it makes sense to play to our strengths. We do of course need to make sure that some of these activities are organised in conjunction with businesses that have the necessary insurance etc. so surfing last week was run by “Walkin’ on Water”, which gave me a chance to catch a few little waves with the Scouts as well.

The Scouts certainly seemed to enjoy being in the water and thankfully, although the photos below don’t show it, there were a few little wind-blown waves to play on.

We have a few other ideas for activities up our sleeves for them and maybe a weekend away in the Autumn too. We also have an end of term activity evening planned which involves, climbing, canoeing, raft-building and an assault course. Hopefully a few of the Scouts that have done all of the activities (or at least three of them) will earn the Scouts Adventure Challenge Badge too. Mind you, I think Anna and I deserve a badge as well!

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