Christmas SUP Surf Session

The Christmas Holidays continue and we’ve almost lost track of which day it is, but I remembered it was Sunday so ended up having a fairly busy day cycling, swimming SUP Surfing, walking on the beach and indulging!

The Usual Sunday Morning

It started like any other Sunday morning for me, up early at 4:30am and time for an hour of work before heading off to Machynlleth for a 6:30am bike ride. No one else was joining me today though so I was a little lazy and didn’t actually start riding until around 7am. As usual it was raining, but only a light drizzle today. It was of course very dark, and the roads were like rivers in many paces so even though it wasn’t pouring down I was soon soaked through.

I headed out of Machynlleth through Penegoes and then turned right towards Abercegir for a long climb up to and over Windy Gap. The descent was slower than it should have been thanks to the darkness, the river running along the road and the debris all over the road so I took it easy. It was then a left turn at the bottom of the hill through Llan and into Llanbrynmair before turning left again to ride back to Mach via Cemmaes Road roundabout. Nothing too mad, just a nice little 25 mile pootle.

It was then off to the pool for a swim. It was quite busy in there this morning though and my shoulder was killing me for some reason so I didn’t do as much as usual, just a 2000m, 45 minute swim. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my shoulder, it’s been a little niggly for a while, but it seems as though there’s a full-blown injury. I think I’ll tape it up to see if that will help.

Walking on the Beach

The café at the Leisure Centre was closed, so I headed home for coffee and cake and then Anna, Morgan and myself went for a little walk on the beach. It was as busy as it gets over there as it seems as though word has got around and everyone has come to see the dead whale on the beach at Ynyslas.

Busy Beach

Busy Beach

We didn’t go to see it again, just had a little walk, skimmed some stones in the floods in the car park and then went home again. Whilst there the surf was looking good though, so I got straight into my wetsuit and headed back to the beach.

Christmas SUP Surf Session

Although the beach was busy, the waves were quiet. There were a few surfers out further down the beach, but I had the place to myself outside our house. There were some nice waves rolling in too so I had quite a nice session. My shoulder was hurting though and paddling my SUP doesn’t seem to help that! I caught some nice long waves though with my Garmin Fenix 3 recording the longest at 233 metres.

I had my new GoPro mounted on a chest harness too, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be the best place for it whilst SUP surfing as it just seems to point at my board rather than along the wave. Maybe a head mount will be better as then it’ll point wherever I’m looking – Gives me a good excuse to get out again though to experiment with different GoPro mounting positions. Here are a few shots from Sunday’s Surf SUP session.

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