Aberystwyth Prom Storm Damage

  • Clearing the Pavements
    Clearing the Pavements
  • The Clean up begins
    The Clean up begins
  • Aberystwyth Prom Storm Damage
    Aberystwyth Prom Storm Damage
  • Storm Debris
    Storm Debris
  • Assessing the Damage
    Assessing the Damage
  • Damaged Shelter
    Damaged Shelter
  • Moving the beach back
    Moving the beach back

Morgan and I popped down to the seafront in Aberystwyth yesterday to take a look at the storm damage. There were loads of other people having a look, and plenty of officials in hi-viz jackets assessing the damage too.

Aberystwyth prom is still completely covered with sand and shingle which is mixed in with blocks of paving slabs and seawall,  along with the occasional lamppost and other bits of debris.

The clean up has started though and they have cleared the pavements closest to the houses so as to allow people back into their properties. As you can see the shingle is quite deep in places, but the beach itself looks pristine having been scoured and cleaned by the storms!

Most of the attention of there hi-viz clad officials seemed to be focussed on the shelter which has ben undermined and all but destroyed by the storms. It’s a listed building so decisions have yet to be made on what is to become of it. Apparently the council, surveyors and the Welsh historic buildings officials are meeting today to decide on its fate. It seems at the moment as though the council are unable to simply pull it down, even in its current state due to it’s listed status. That may all change today though.

I think it’ll be interesting to see if the rebuild of Aberystwyth Prom simply tries to restore the prom to the way it was before the storms, retaining its Victorian heritage. Or will this storm damage be used as an opportunity for change and modernisations along the seafront? There has even been talk of locals paying small amounts towards the rebuild in return for a paving slab on the prom engraved with their name – I think that’s quite a nice idea as I wouldn’t mind having my name in stone along the seafront in Aber, especially if we could have a family slab with all three of us on it and if the names are fairly discrete. Whether or not we’d have one though would of course depend on the cost, but with probably thousands of slabs to be replaced, I wouldn’t mind paying £10 for my name on one and money raised from such a scheme could help a little towards the costs.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author mum says:

    Think a paving slab is a lovely idea, think it will be more expensive than that though

  2. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    Looks as though the shelter is going to be repaired.

    “Cadw has told the council it wants the shelter to be repaired and replaced in its current position.”


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