Autumn arrives early

September is only a week away but it looks as though autumn has arrived early.

GPS Windsurfing

GPS Windsurfing

It was pretty windy yesterday and my windsurf session on the seafront did have an autumnal feel to it. The sun was shining but the sea felt as though it meant business. Although it was a nice easy sail there was just something a little more menacing in the air. It dropped off a bit after a while but I did manage a nice long run to Borth and back. Then last night it arrived properly The wind filled in to 30 knots, with the weather station measuring gusts to close to 40 knots. That’s Gale Force 8.

The sea now DOES mean business and I can’t wait to get out there. I knew this would happen though as I’m working at the university this week so don’t have quite so much time to play and certainly less flexibility. It is forecast to drop this afternoon, just about the time that I’m available for a windsurf – Typical.

It is however forecast to come back from a NE direction tomorrow afternoon which could give me chance to finally use my speed kit in Ynyslas estuary for an attempt at my ‘Life Begins at 40 Knots’ challenge. The tides won’t be great for it but I may be able to squeeze a bit of a session in if I’m lucky. Fingers Crossed.

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  1. Alan says:

    In the end, I made a few changes to various arrangements and got out for a top-notch windsurf session at Ynyslas yesterday.

    35- 40 knot winds, small wave board, 4m sail, big waves, bigger jumps and an even bigger grin on my face.


  2. Alan says:

    Well, the NE didn’t fill in until it was about to get dark so yet again no attempt at 40 knots.

    I was hoping it would last for today but there isn’t much out there at the moment either – When will I get to use my speed kit?


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