Indoor Weather in West Wales

A very unusual day for me – the only time I ventured outside was topless for a few seconds in order to do some semi-naked star-jumps on the deck in an almighty squall! With the weather in West Wales putting on a display in was most certainly an indoor day.

We therefore spent the day watching the weather station to see just how much wind and rain was lashing the coast of West Wales, interspersed with bouts of baking, pumpkin carving and lots of eating.

First on the list of items to be cooked by me today was another delicious Pork Casserole with Potato Cobblers. While that was releasing its autumn flavours in the slow cooker, the cobblers were made along with a couple of Roturua Mud Cakes, and then a couple of Earl Grey Tea Breads too.

Morgan and I also carved a pretty cool triathlon inspired swim, bike and run pumpkin.

Weather in West Wales

Back to the weather in West Wales and the wind was up around 40 knots for much of the day and peaked at 48.7 knots, and we’ve had 11.6mm of rain. Not that much really but most of that fell in a few almighty squalls. We did want to go fishing, but it just wasn’t the weather for it so my Dad showed us how to set up a few rigs for use on a better day.

As for the semi-naked star jumps on the deck… Well, it brightened things up for a bit and made everyone laugh!

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  1. Emily says:

    Mmm Earl Grey tea bread… must try that one sometime.

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