Cycle Training – Setting a Benchmark

As noted in a recent post I’ve decide that I need to work on my cycling to improve my triathlon performances. So, over the next 4 week a key workout is a Time Trial session on the bike that I shall do once a week. It’ll involve 2 circuits of the Borth Loop. The first part from here clockwise to Talybont will be a warm up, I’ll then do a hard Time Trial effort around the loop and back to Talybont before cooling down on the way home whilst finishing off the second loop.

Not only will this be a hard training effort over the 14 mile loop but it’ll get me better at pacing over that sort of a distance and should prove to be a good weekly test to chart progress.

I did the first of these on Monday and set myself quite a hard benchmark to beat. The conditions were good with light winds, sunny skies and pleasant temperatures at around 15°C. I was feeling up for it and put in a fast(ish) time of 35:46 for the Time Trial effort. An average speed of 22mph. Not bad for a first attempt and a time that will be difficult to beat, but hopefully over the coming weeks that time will drop.

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