A Morning Made for Running

Wednesday morning was just made for running. No wind, 10°C when I set out, warming to over 15°C by the time I got back with clear skies and some lovely sunshine.

I was supposed to do a 70 minute hilly run going faster up and over the hills and that’s exactly what I did. Not only were the conditions perfect, but I felt pretty good to and had a very enjoyable run indeed. I was running in the hills to the south of Borth so had some amazing views out over Cardigan Bay, down onto Borth and Ynyslas and up to the Lleyn Peninsula. I didn’t see a single person or a single car on my travels, it was just me and the hills and the spectacular views.

I wish I could do a digital download of my brain so that I could share the scenes that I saw before me as I pounded out the miles. It’s days like these when I’m out running early in the morning that I feel sorry for the people still tucked up in their beds. They just don’t know what they’re missing and I don’t know why everyone isn’t out for an early morning run in the hills.

‘Digital Brain Dump’ – What am I talking about, I think the fresh air and early morning views have gone to my head! I suppose I could always take my GoPro out with me while I’m running, but for now you’ll have to make do with a screenshot from Google Street View – Although it looked much nicer than this on Wednesday morning.

View over Borth

View over Borth

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