Cycling Improvements

After analysing my performance in the Big Cow Triathlon I decided once again that I need to improve my cycling. The Big Cow Triathlon was the British National Age-Group Championships and I placed as follows in each discipline:

  • Swim: 4th
  • Bike: 19th
  • Run: 5th
  • Total: 6th

As you can see, it was the bike leg that let me down the most, so it’s time to improve it. My new revised training schedule has more biking in it. It has some Time Trial efforts to help me with the pacing and learning to push hard over a set time and some bike strength building sessions as well.

I haven’t been out on the bike much lately and haven’t been mountain biking much either so it’s time to sort that out and increase my ‘time on the bike’ as it’s this that really counts. I managed to get out for a nice little ride in the hills on Sunday. Nothing huge, but it’s the longest ride I’ve done for a while so I’m hoping to do a few more like this throughout the summer.

I’ve got a few longer mountain bike and road bike events planned for the summer as well, so they will act as long training rides as well. Lets hope it pays off.

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