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Llyn Padarn Time Trial – Nov 2019

After a day in the hills I had expected to sleep well in the camper, but despite all the walking, a nice big dinner and hot chocolate in the camper I didn’t sleep a wink. I chilled in bed in the morning though and then got up and had a chat with the girl in...

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Team-GB 1

Testing New Wheels and Some PB’s

It’s always difficult to do a proper test of new parts or new kit for the bike. There are always so many variables at play that it’s not easy to say for sure whether or not these things make a difference, especially when testing in the real world and especially when you don’t have a...

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Glan Dyfi 10 Heart Rate 2

A Week of Triathlon Training

I haven’t written much about my triathlon training lately… Not because I haven’t been doing any but mainly because I haven’t had time to fit much blogging in. What with my new job in the Sports and Exercise Department at the University (something else I need to blog about), some painting and decorating jobs that...

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Buying Some Time 2

Buying Some Time

As you may know from a previous post, I’ve been doing a weekly time trial on my bike as a way of improving my bike splits and testing my performance. I was due to do the time trial again today and wanted to try out my new aero helmet as well to see if it...

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