The Sounds of Spring

I had a gorgeous run last night. The clocks have gone forward, the evenings are long and the weather is as good as it could be. I wasn’t supposed to go for a run but I couldn’t resist it so headed off down the beach towards Borth.

The beach was quiet with only a few people wandering along in the evening light and sea birds were scurrying along avoided the little waves at the edge of the water. There was barely any wind, so there was just the sound of my breathing, the birds warbling away and seagulls squawking overhead.

Once at the far end of the beach, I navigated my way through the new sea defences and headed along the road into Glanwern, up the little hill and down through the caravan park to the River Leri. I turned back here and ran along one side of the Leri to the sound of blackbirds in the hedges. I then crossed the footbridge and ran along the other side of the Leri where the bird song was replaced by the honking of Geese and once again the warbling of wading birds alongside the river.

I then ran around to the estuary and back home where, as I was stretching after my run I was treated to the songs of a couple of Skylarks high above my head. It’s good to hear the Skylarks back and singing already. Their songs will now accompany us throughout the summer and I love to hear them when sat in the garden… Summer is on its way.

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