Running Hurts!

I haven’t been running much lately. I did a bit just before competing in a Triathlon back in May, but very little since. However, I can’t swim at the moment thanks to injured ribs, so last night rather than drive into Aberystwyth just for a circuit training session I decided to go for a run instead.

I did a course I;ve done a few times before. From home, I ran south along the beach (if its high tide I go along the golf course instead) and then up over the pebbles just before getting into Borth, across the golf course and level crossing and then along the track past the Bird hide. At the Leri I turn left and run north along the grassy embankment besides the River Leri then across the railway bridge, back to the boat yard, down the track besides the boatyard and out onto the sands of the estuary. I then run along the side of the dunes to the road and back home along the road past Searivers Caravan Park.

It’s a 4.8 mile run, although last night I overshot a little on the beach and it was 4.9 miles. Despite running a slightly longer distance, I actually beat my previous best time by almost 2 minutes! So that’s it, the best way for me to improve my running is to not do any! It may have something to do with the fact that I was listening to a ‘podrunner’ music mix  on my iPod rather than a podcast. Podrunner are free exercise music mixes by DJ Steve Boyett for runners offering nonstop, fixed-tempo music for training. Last night ‘mix’ was called “Ballistic” and was at 149bpm. It certainly seemed to take my mind off the pain and keep me going.

Although, to be honest, looking back through the past times I’ve ran that course I’ve been getting faster and faster anyway:

  • 20th March – 40:47
  • 15th April – 39:14
  • 26th April – 38:54
  • 7th May – 37:30
  • 3rd August – 35:34

I’m quite pleased with last nights time, not bad for an old man who doesn’t really run! My calves are pretty sore this morning though and walking around the house isn’t as easy as it usually is!

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